Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Cathedral Church of Macau

Do not confuse the Macau Cathedral with the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, which is now only a standing facade. The Macau Cathedral has been a church since 1576. The original church was rebuilt in 1850 to a much larger size. A typhoon severely damaged that church in the 1870s. It was finally rebuilt in 1937 in concrete, in the form which remains today. Adjacent to the Cathedral is the Bishop's Palace with a small museum and across from the church is a pleasant square with a fountain, large cross and many benches.

The Church Altar

The Church Interior

The Cathedral Square and Bishop’s Palace

The Bishop’s Palace

How to get there?
Most of the churches we visited in Macau are walking distance from the famous Senado Square.
From Senado Square walk northward going to the Cathedral, St. Dominic Church and St. Anthony Church.

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