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The 00 KM Death March

On the historic Fall of Bataan in World War II, Death March began and started at two points Mariveles and Bagac Bataan on April 9, 1942. Major General Edward King Jr. surrendered more than ailing 75,000 soldiers and civilians to the Japanese Imperial Army headed by Gen Homma. The Japanese had instructed all captured Filipino and American soldiers to be relocated by marching to Camp O'Donnell in Capas, Tarlac which is about 100 KM from the starting point.

The Japanese soldiers executed all of the prisoner troops who fell behind, beating soldiers randomly, and denial of supply of food and water for many days. In addition, the month of April is very hot in the Philippines causing exhaustion to the marching prisoners and anyone who dared ask for water was executed. And upon reaching San Fernando, the prisoners are packed into railroad boxcars and allowed to ride. With this, some died in suffocation. Then those who did not die were forced to march about seven more miles until they reached their camp. It took them over a week to reach their destination.

Out of all those who began the brutal march, only around 54,000 reached San Fernando. Thousands of Filipinos and Americans died from exhaustion, disease, starvation, disembowelment, and decapitation, and many more perished under inhuman conditions when they were ferried into box cars and upon reaching the Camp.

The Bataan Death March trail (km 00 shown here from Bagac, Bataan):

1-A. March start in Bagac going to Balanga along the present Balanga-Bagac Road
1-B. March start from Mariveles going to Balanga along Bataan Provincial Highway. 

2. Joining of the Bagac group and the Mariveles group at 30 km
3. Then from Balanga to San Fernando Train station in Pampanga via Bataan Provincial highway (distance: 53 km)
3. Train ride from San Fernando, Pampanga to Capas, Tarlac (48 km in cramped train boxcars)
4. And marched again from Capas train station to Camp O’Donnell (distance: 12 km)

Try to visit and commemorate the heroism of the Filipinos during that time at this place.

Recommended Hotel and Resort at Bagac, Bataan:
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How to go there?

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