Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taxi Hotlines in Manila

Are you going somewhere late at night in Metro Manila?

Do you have a flight to catch early in the morning or late in the evening?
Is your area or the point of destination very far from access to Public Utility Vehicles (e.g. Tricycle, Jeepneys, or Buses)
Carrying heavy stuffs which requires transport service to destination?

Is your personal car going to be affected by the number coding day in Manila and you need a car service?
Do you need a transport service to tour around Manila?

Solution to the problem, consider getting a taxi pickup service.

How does it work? These taxis are interconnected via a two-way radio paging system or any mobile communication system, which can be contacted by the company’s call center. The operator will search all units if there is an available taxi nearby your area. Once a driver acknowledges, the operator will give the address to the driver and will confirm to the caller the arrival of the pickup service.

Taxi service contact numbers in Metro Manila:
24/7 & Airlink Taxi
642-3525; 634-5980; 09391533495; 09278384833;
 640-2318; 641-4532;
Brgy San Miguel, 1600 Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines



831-2701; 532-0605 
Manila City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Basic Taxi
900-1447; 900-1448; 643-7777; 642-7777
Lot 4 Market Avenue Basic Compound Pasig Metro Manila
Crownstar Taxi
570 Katarungan Street Mandaluyong Metro Manila
Cruz Severino C
238 V Cruz Extension 1200 Makati Metro Manila
Manila City, Metro Manila, Philippines 
921-2383; 927-8718
17 Matahimik Street Sikatuna Viilage 1100 Quezon City Metro Manila
330-1654; 361-8712; 362-9785
37 Rose St. Reparo, Baesa, Caloocan City
EMP Taxi
293-5930; 293-5931; 291-7005; 293-5960

Valenzuela City, Metro Manila
Manila City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hyatt Taxi
Alabang-Zapote Road Corner Concha Drive Almanza 1740 Las Pinas Metro Manila
Lady Helen

Quezon City, Metro Manila
1425 Pablo Ocampo Sr. Street Makati Metro Manila
MGE Transport
363-6096; 364-8260; 366-6287; 366-6214
170 William Shaw Corner Biglang Awa Street 1400 Caloocan Metro
152 P. Cruz Street Mandaluyong Metro Manila

Nine Stars
330-1654; 362-9089; 362-1890; 330-3268
37 Rose St. Baesa, Caloocal City, Metro Manila



362-9089; 364-9058; 330-1654
3703 Baesa Street 1400 Caloocan Metro Manila
931-3272; 931-2681


Sturdy Taxi
330-3568; 361-1282
3703 Baesa Street 1400 Caloocan Metro Manila
Tai Taxi
801-1093; 772-2715
Alabang-Zapote Road Corner Concha Drive Las Pinas Metro Manila
Trends Taxi
822-9345; 823-8951; 821-4685
3704 Sun Valley Drive 1700 Paranaque Metro Manila
788-0204; 826-1769

·        Make sure to ask around your area first on what taxi service is best to take. There are feedbacks that in a certain area, some taxi services might be more accessible than others, particularly because the taxi headquarters is located in that area. If you cannot decide on what service company to take, you can call the Taxi Dispatch 373-TAXI (8294); the operators might be able to give you a good idea on which to take.
·        Most of these pick-up services have additional fees, so make sure to ask the operator how much you will be adding to the regular metered fare.
·        Always check if the meter is flagged down. This assures you at the very least that the fare would be based on the meter.
·        If you are satisfied with the service of the taxi that you rode, make sure to jot down or save on your phonebook the name and contact number of that taxi company so you will have someone to call if there's a need to take the service again.
·        Make sure to write down or send SMS to your relative or friend the taxi’s plate number as reference. In case you forgot something, it is easier to pinpoint which taxi to locate.
·        Do not hesitate to contact the LTFRB Hotline or DOTC Hotline if you find any problems or issues with the taxi that you encountered.

LTFRB National Capital Region East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 1100
    Tel no. 929-7366/ 925-7367/ 925-6789
    Hotline for Taxi Concerns: (0921)428-7777; 426-2515; (0921)448-7777

DOTC Hotline: (0917)247-0385 or (0919)222-7462

Aside from the information mentioned above, here is a new tool that was launched that aims to report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines called TaxiKick.
You need to provide the following information:
  • Plate Number
  • Violation (picklist)
  • Taxi Name (optional)
  • Comments (optional)


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