Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Anthony Church - Macau

This church was first made of bamboo and wood before 1560, this is one of the oldest churches in Macao. The church was reconstructed in stone in 1638 and rebuilt in 1810 and 1875, while the present appearance and scale of the church dates back to 1930.

The Church Altar

The Church’s Interior

Saint Anthony Church is considered to be the first church of Macau built in 1588. The history of the present building is introduced briefly on a plaque by the door: "Built in 1638. Burnt in 1809. Rebuilt in 1810. Burnt again in 1874. Repaired in 1875" However, there is a cross in the churchyard bearing the date of 1636. Another fire make another restoration is necessary in 1930 and further work was done on the facade and tower in 1940. The present neo-classical church dates back to 1930 and 1950 remodeling. The interior area of church is extremely elegant. The barrel roof which is made of wood has simple trimmings. The high altar is one of the best neo-classical architecture in Macau.The local district or area is traditionally Macanese. Sunday services in Portuguese are still remained in this church. Previously, members of the Portuguese community would hold wedding ceremonies there, so It was given the Chinese name of Fa Vong Tong (Church of Flowers).

Beside the Church is the Jardim De Luis De Camoes
Jardim Luis de Camoes is a park named after a 16th Century poet warrior, who visited Macau and written some of his epic tale “Os Lusias” while living here. Based on my research the one thing to note on this place is the park main gate in which the kung fu film is taken – Bruce Lee’s “Fist of Fury”.

How to get there?
Most of the churches we visited in Macau are walking distance from the famous Senado Square. From Senado Square walk northward going to the Cathedral, St. Dominic Church and St. Anthony Church. St Anthony Church is a 3-min walk from the Ruins of St. Paul.


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