Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ancestral House of Emiliano Riego De Dios

In Maragondon, Cavite

Emiliano Riego de Dios (September 7, 1864 - February 14, 1926) born in Maragondon, Cavite, was a revolutionary leader and the secretary-general of the “Asociacion de los Veteranos de la Revolucion”. He is also a member leader of the “Katipunan” established by Andress Bonifacio.

Emiliano Riego De Dios parents are Sotero Riego De Dios and Jorga Loyola.  He became a “Katipunero” in 1896 and fought together with his brothers Coronel Vicente (1868-1936) and General Mariano (1875-1935). Then he was nominated as the Minister of War in the Tejeros Convention on March 22, 1897. He was also appointed as the Military Governor of Cavite in 1898 and Vice President of Hunto in Hong Kong, November 1898.

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