Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the country's second largest city.
My wife and I went to several places in Hanoi like Temple of Literature, Turtle tower, St. Joseph Cathedral, Puppet Theater and many more…

At the Confucius Temple – “Temple of Literature”

Some tablet inside the temple of literature

At viewing temple of the Turtle Tower

The Tuttle Tower in the background (very small in the picture)

 The St Joseph Cathedral

We had our dinner at “Quan an ngon

Our friends recommended this restaurant. The restaurant features street food recipe but with the cleanliness and service of a respected restaurant.

Vietnam Tour Tips:

Always be alert of the surrounding and area that you are going.

There are a lot of motorbikes and scooters in Hanoi so always be careful when crossing the street. And when crossing, keep at slow pace going to the direction you are headed and do not play around while crossing.
Do not eat street foods (look for nice restaurants that serve street food recipe) and drink bottled water.

Most of the Vietnamese do not speak English. Have the places you are headed be written in paper. Show this paper when asking for directions.

Have your money exchange at the airport. It is difficult to find exchange centers or banks. Or when you find one, most of them do not speak English.

Be out of their way (especially in the market), some of the people carrying something heavy will push you out just to make way.

Hanoi Map:

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