Monday, January 30, 2012

The Mabini Shrine

Apolinario Mabini often referred to as "the Sublime Paralytic", and as "the Brains of the Revolution." To his enemies and detractors, he is referred to as the "Dark Chamber of the President" but to many Filipinos he is one of the Philippine heroes of the revolution against the Spaniards and the Americans.

 The Mabini Shine signage in Talisay-Tanauan road at Barangay Talaga, Tanauan Batangas

Apolinarion Mabini is a nationalist, hero, writer, political philosopher, revolutionary and a teacher.  Mabini was born on July 23, 1864 in Barangay Talaga in Tanauan, Batangas. He was the second of eight children of Dionisia Maranan, a vendor in the Tanauan market, and Inocencio Mabini, an unlettered peasant. He came from a poor family. He joined the revolution and became the Filipino political philosopher and revolutionary who wrote a constitutional plan for the first Philippine republic of 1899-1901, and served as its first prime minister in 1899. He also became Emiliio Aguinaldo’s (first Philippine President) main consultant. On January 1896, he was paralyzed because of Pollio. Then he was imprisoned by Spaniards on October 1896 and by Americans on 1899. He was then exiled in Guam on January 15, 1901 and returned to Philippines on February 26, 1903. He died in Manila on May 13, 1903.

His remains lie in Mabini Shrine.

This shrine is also the birthplace of Apolinario Mabini

The shrine is open on Tuesday to Sunday (8AM to 4PM)

The shrine also shows the replica Nipa house of Apolinario Mabini

See the Video of the place:

How to get there?
By Bus: Ride Batangas bus via "Tanauan-Lipa" from Pasay City or Cubao. Tell conductor to drop you off at Tanauan City near Tanauan-Talisay road. Then ride "Talisay" jeepney going to the shrine.
By Car: Go straight to Tanauan City, Batangas via Startoll. Then turn right at Tanauan exit via the Tanauan-Talisay road. The Mabini Shine is on the right side about 20 mins drive from the exit.

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