Monday, December 12, 2011

Jose P. Laurel Birthplace

Tanauan, Batangas

José Paciano Laurel y García (March 9, 1891 – November 6, 1959) was the president of the Republic of the Philippines, a Japanese-sponsored administration during World War II, from 1943 to 1945. He was the 3rd President of the Philippines and President of the Second Republic.

JP Laurel was born on this house in the town of Tanauan, Batangas. His parents were Sotero Laurel, Sr. and Jacoba García. His father had been an official in the revolutionary government of Emilio Aguinaldo and a signatory to the 1898 Malolos Constitution.

Laurel received his law degree from the University of the Philippines College of Law in 1915, where he studied under Dean George A. Malcolm, whom he would later succeed on the Supreme Court. He then obtained a Master of Laws degree from University of Santo Tomas in 1919. Laurel then attended Yale Law School, where he obtained a Doctorate of Law.

The Signage at Mabini Ave

The Address:

The house main facade

We were not allowed to enter the house because we need to seek permission first from the family. They said that there are lot of antics and native furniture inside the ancestral house.

The house was built in 1880 and was restored in 1964.

A statue of Jose P Laurel

Back of the house

How to get there?

The ancestral house is along Mabini Ave near the St. John the Evangelist Church

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