Saturday, September 17, 2011

Uluwatu Temple

Is a Hindu temple set on the cliff (situated on the coral reef sordid to sea about 80 meters above the sea level) in the south part of Bali Peninsula Indonesia. It is featured by a small dry forest called Alas Kekeran (interdict forest) which belong to the temple and dwelt by a lot of monkeys. The name “Uluwatu” comes from the word Ulu meaning the head and Watu meaning stone. Therefore Uluwatu Temple means the temple built on the tip of coral reef.

The entrance to the main inner temple

Though a small temple was claimed to have existed beforehand, the structure was significantly expanded by a Javanese sage, Empu Kuturan in the 11th Century. Even more remarkable than the temple is its location perched on a steep cliff about 80 meters above the roaring Indian Ocean waves.

Other pictures of the temple

The temple is inhabited by large number of monkeys, who are extremely adept at snatching visitors' belonging, including bags, cameras and eyeglasses. Keep a very close grip on all your belongings and stow away your eyeglasses if at all possible. If you do have something taken, the monkeys can usually be induced to exchange it for some fruit. Needless to say, rewarding the monkeys like this only encourages them to steal more.

The famous “Kecak and Fire Dance” is presented in the temple’s amphitheater which is also on the cliff.

How to get there?

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