Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pawikan Conservation Center

In Morong, Bataan

Marine Turtles called as “Pawikans” in most local dialects in the Philippines return after 25-30 years and go back to where they were hatched to lay eggs. This conservation center was formed to protect and help the threatened for extinction Pawikans.

From the center, we can see some pawikans.

Most male marine turtles spend their entire lives at sea while the females come to their nesting beach during the coldest months of the year to lay their eggs. These eggs will hatch after 40-60 days depending on the temperature of the sand. The volunteers and DENR regularly patrol the beaches at night (time when turtles lay their eggs) to gather them and bring them to the centre’s hatchery where they are more protected until they hatch.

And these little baby pawikans are subsequently released back into the sea after hatching. Many tourists go to this sanctuary during the nesting season and especially during the Pawikan Festival (November 29-30) to get a chance to see turtles come up to shore at night to lay their eggs. During the Pawikan Festival, tourists are even able to "adopt a turtle" and personally hold and release a baby turtle into the sea.

You too can take part of this activity. To inquire on how to go about adopting a baby pawikan you can contact the center.
Cellular phone numbers 0928-7185721 or 0906-6155546
Or E-mail them at:

Come join adopt and help save the Pawikans.

How to get there?
About 3 hours away from Manila via Subic (SCTEX) is the fishing village of Nagbalayong in the town of Morong, Bataan.

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