Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toyoko-inn Hotel

When I visited Tokyo Japan for a business trip last September 2011, I stayed at this Toyoko-inn Hotel in Kamata. And for a business budget hotel, I will give 5 out of 5 Rating because of customer service and cleanliness. Here are some of my positive feedbacks about this hotel.

  • Affordable price (I have additional discount because I am a toyoko-inn club member)
  • Customer Service is excellent!!
  • They clean the room everyday and replace most of the things which includes toothbrush, shaver, comb, slippers, pillow, mattresses, and towels.
  • For a person on a tight budget, everything you need is here from coined laundry machine and dryer, free use of microwave oven, iron and ironing board, personal refrigerator, hair dryer, cable TV, free breakfast and internet.
  • In addition, free body soap, shampoo, laundry soap, cotton buds, wet towels, mineral water dispenser, socks, shower cap, female cosmetics set, and Japanese night wear.
  • Plus, I have 2-day free accommodations at any Toyoko-inn Hotels (get 1 free accommodation for every 10 days stay)

Why Customer Service is excellent:

1)      They provided me free use of umbrella because it is raining heavily.

2)      Since I do not speak Japanese, they helped me get a cab and even ask the driver to get me to airport in time because departure time schedule is too tight already.

3)      They gave me 4 pairs of socks for free on my last day.

4)      They also gave me food for breakfast even if it is past the breakfast time (7 to 10AM). They seem to understand that I woke up at around 11AM because of having to work very late for many days.  

5)      Even the manager assisted me on my things during my departure.

What are the negative feedbacks?

*      Small reception area (but I think this is enough since it is a small hotel)

*      Small room (not recommended for hotel guest who are very tall about 6ft)

*      Small toilet and shower room

The Hotel’s Hallway

The single room

The working desk and LCD TV

The toilet and bath

What I like most in Japan - is their automated seat below…


How to get there?
See their website for the list of hotel location in Japan, Korea and China.

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