Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Zoobic Safari

The Zoobic Safari is the only tiger safari in the Philippines.  Located at Subic Bay, the place is open from 8AM to 4PM daily (Monday to Sunday).  At the main entrance, you will be greeted by this big white tiger.

The Zoobic Safari has the following main attractions:
         1)  Zoobic Park
         2) Tiger Safari
         3)  Savannah
         4) Bone Muzooeum
         5) Aeta’s Trail
         6) Croco Loco

Take a look at the Zoobic Map.

The first part of the adventure is a walk in the Zoobic Park.  Here you will see different species of birds, monkeys, rodents, deer, hogs, bearcat, panthers, horses and more. Point and scroll through the pictures to have a closer view of a few of the animals featured.

Visitors may touch some birds and feed them.

A fact revealed about monkeys: If you see them smiling, that means they are pissed off. Visitors are warned to stay away from smiling monkeys because they could harm people.

Did you know that bunnies belong to the rodent species? They are probably the cutest rodents.

You could also see here the smallest deer in the world – The Philippine Mouse Deer.

Have you seen a white carabao? Such is called an Albino Carabao.

This snake looks dreadfully at visitors...

... as the iguana

The second part of the adventure is through a ride on this bio-diesel environment-friendly tram to go around the other Zoobic Safari attractions.

The second stop is the very much featured Tiger Safari.

In here visitors will be riding secured modified jeepneys to go around.

The tigers roam freely around this area.

View from our jeepney

The tiger is being fed by a professional guide inside the enclosed jeepney. Passengers  experience a close encounter with the tigers. Visitors may buy 1/4 fresh chicken upon entry to experience the thrill. See their website for price details.

Then riding the tram again, you will be passing through the Savannah.

Mostly ostriches and hogs are found inside the savannah.

Then going to the Bone Muzooeum.
Most of their collections are from the animals that have died here in the zoobic safari.

Then to the Aeta’s Trail
They will just show the tourists some practices of the primitive Aetas in Northern Luzon.

Then to Croco Loco

In here, you will also get a chance to feed the crocodiles.


You may want to visit their website for details -

How to go there?
See their website for details.
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