Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Time Scuba Diving

Are you interested to try scuba diving for the first time in open water? And don’t want to go that far from Manila? You may try the diving programs at Camayan Divers in Camayan Beach Resort near Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay. Camayan beach resort is just 2.5 hours drive from Manila and 30 minutes drive from Puregold Subic.

A certified PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) instructor will teach you for 2 to 3 hours at an affordable price. See their website for details. This introductory course can be accredited as one of the diving lessons and trainings if you plan to take the open water diver license.

Our PADI certified instructor giving us a 20 to 30 minutes orientation about proper diving.

The Medical Questionnaire Checklist: Be sure that you are healthy and fit for diving.

Here is the list of scuba equipment that will be use for diving. All of these are already included in the package.

These are the equipment.

For professional divers, you will be using this boat to go deep open water areas.

While for first time divers, you will start your diving lesson on the beautiful Camayan Beach Resort seashore.

You will be starting at waist deep then moving to 6 meters depending on your capability. Do not worry, the PADI instructor will always be with you all the time. As a suggestion, try this during weekdays so that there will be few divers.

Then just relax and enjoy. Do you want to try?

Visit their website at: http://www.camayanbeachresort.com/

How to go there?
Just visit Camayan Beach Resort website for details. This is just 2.5 hours drive from Manila and 30 minutes drive from Puregold Subic

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