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The Aguinaldo Shrine

This is a national shrine of the Philippines that is located in Kawit, Cavite.  

The house was first built in 1845 and is the ancestral home of Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the First Republic of the Philippines. It was here where the Philippine Independence from Spain was proclaimed (right at the center window of the house) on June 12, 1898.

In addition, it was here where the Philippine Flag was first raised formally and the Philippine National Anthem was also played (the lyrics were subsequently written in 1899 by José Palma)

Emilio Aguinaldo was born here on March 22, 1869 and behind the mansion is his tomb. He died of coronary thrombosis on February 6, 1964. You should visit this historical place and warp back in time. Then see the beauty and richness of Filipino’s way of life during that time.

This is the front view of the house from the Aguinaldo Park where there stands the statue of Gen Emilio Aguinaldo. This symbolizes his leadership during the time of war against Spain's colonization (1521–1898).

Here are some of the things that you could discover there.
Welcome to the main sala or the living room of the house. This is where all the meetings and gatherings took place during his time as the president. The center door on the second picture opens to the center balcony where the first Philippine Independence was declared and the Philippine Flag was waived outside the house.

This is Gen. Aguinaldo’s Main Office
The Bedrooms:

The toilet and bathtub with hot and cold water

Note that the hot water is produced from the furnace of the oven.

The kitchen: Below shows the old refrigerator, stove countertop and oven wherein their centralized water system is connected (water pipes are connected in the furnace) and was heated during cooking time to produce hot water to the faucets at the kitchen, toilets and swimming pool. Yes, there is an indoor swimming pool (not shown).
Also inside the house is a mini duckpin bowling alley with 2 lanes.

And outside the house is a manual washing machine. How did it work? Pretty simple, the clothes were put on the upper tub full of water and soap. Below the tub is a furnace that would heat the water to eliminate the germs. Then a person will stir the tub manually just like how our modern washing machine rotates. After this, the clothes are rinsed on the rectangular side tub. Amazing!! This was during 1890’s era.

In addition, you can also find these amazing things.
A portable lunch box
First Philippine President’s vehicle plate number

Guns during the 1890’s Spanish era

This is the house view from the garden. 

Did you know that there are a lot of exit passage ways from this house in order for Gen Aguinaldo to escape any life threat attacks.
There are a lot more to see in this place. Hope that you could someday visit and have a glimpse of the Philippine history.  

How to get there?
By Car: From NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) take the NAIA Road and left to Manila Cavite Expressway and exit to Kawit. The Aguinaldo Shrine place is along Tirona Hi-way.
By Commuting: Take a bus from Manila going to Cavite City at Baclaran (near NAIA road). Then tell the conductor of the bus to drop you off to Aguinaldo Shrine and you will be there in less than an hour.
From Google map

Tourist Travel Information
There is no entrance fee to the Aguinaldo Shrine. However, a simple token or donation would be appreciated by the caretaker and tourist guide for the maintenance of the place. There is also a souvenir shop beside the house where you can find different products of Cavite province.

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