Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coral View Beach Resort

Located in Morong, Bataan, this is just one of the many Beach Resorts that you can find here. A simple getaway place for the whole family

They have accommodations for overnight stay in this resort.

 Has an obstacle course for team building

The Beach Huts

The Volleyball Court

A boat ride to diving spots or tour around the shoreline of Morong, Bataan

How to go there?
About 3 hours drive from Manila via Subic (SCTEX). See map for details.

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  1. However, the only problem that we see from this resort is the cleanliness of the rooms. Some of our colleagues informed us of unwanted insects and cobwebs inside of their rooms when they stayed there for overnight. Hope that the management will soon attend immediately to this issue.

  2. On the last picture, shows a rubble of stones on the beach. I think this was the corals before and that is why this is called the Coral View Beach Resort because the corals can be seen during low tide infront of the seashore of this place but it was already completely destroyed. How SAD!!!

    Although there are other corals in the deep. Hope that it will not turn out to be just like this rubble. Hope that the people there would protect the corals since these are the homes of our fishes and other sea creatures.


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